A (not) impossible shipment along Po river by Zaninoni

Shipping along the Po River is often seen as an impossible task, but the team at Zaninoni proved it can be done.

Recently, the company shipped two oversized cases, each weighing 110 tons, from Peschiera Borromeo, Italy, to Turkey via a multi-modal trip that involved road, river, and sea transportation.

The planning and preparation for the shipment took several months and involved collaboration with several ISO certified partners. Handling project cargo is a difficult task that requires special care and Zaninoni had the perfect partner to make sure things went smoothly.

However, complications always arise, and this shipment was no exception. The journey began with a three-day trip with an escort and road permits to Porto Valdaro in Mantova, Italy. Then, during the trip down the Po River, the team encountered an unexpected high tide. Finally, after the loading and lashing onto a full-chartered vessel, the shipment successfully arrived at its destination in Turkey.

Zaninoni is the Project Freight Network (PFN) member for Italy, and they are available to help with any project cargo solution. Those interested can contact them at italy@pfn-network.com or visit www.zaninoni.it to discover more about their services.

This successful shipment along the Po River proves that seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished with the right planning and collaboration.