There once was a funny joke about traffic that noted how zero automakers were unveiling parking spaces to put the cars coming out every year. This simple observation has taken on a new meaning in light of the container congestion on the U.S. West Coast as record imports flood into the country from Asia. This traffic doesn’t only affect the containers on ships – warehouses are filling up with cargo that’s waiting for inland transportation via rail and truck.

The cargo crunch and pandemic have doubled the wait times at the US-Mexico border though it’s been shuttered to all but the essential (read: cargo) crossings. Even far inland from the coastal port hotspot the congestion continues to impact warehouses and transportation, impending the transfer of maquiladora cargo as parts can’t get to Mexico to be assembled and returned. This mess isn’t going away, but we have a BIG solution!

BIG Logistics is in a new building with an expanded footprint and is ready to handle your El Paso cargo.

We are can offer:
12 dock-height doors
1 grade level door
6.8 miles from Zaragoza Bridge Crossing
Sprinkler system and 24/7 security
Bonded Carrier
1.35 acre fenced-in court and secured truck and trailer lot