Breakbulk Shipping: The MPP Fleet Prepares for The Global Energy Transition

On the 25th of March 2021, JOC held a webcast with veterans and industry experts to discuss the fleet, the outlook, the effects of the energy transition, and more. If you missed it you can still watch it here: .

After weathering an utterly unpredictable 2020, the multipurpose and heavy-lift fleet is charting its 2021 course ahead of an energy transition that will require rethinking many long-held assumptions.

Last year kicked off with IMO 2020 and a major bankruptcy — Zeamarine — in the MPP sector; no one could have foreseen that these issues would quickly become secondary as COVID-19 and the resulting crash in oil prices upended the global economy.

A “green recovery” is now accelerating the global push to decarbonize energy sources, but what does this mean for project and breakbulk carriers? What can shippers and service providers expect to see in terms of trade lanes, available capacity, and freight rates from MPP carriers?

This webcast will open with a fleet overview and be followed by a discussion of the sector’s outlook with executives from dominant MPP players.