Celebrating Powerful Women

It is so thrilling to live in this day and age where my granddaughter and young girls all over the world can grow up knowing that they may do or be whatever they wish to become, and that they have a wealth of role models to inspire and invigorate them with their achievements.

From CEOs to entrepreneurs to frontline workers, we can admire great women all over the world in every industry, such as engineering and skilled trades, sport, authors, politicians, judges, barristers, corporate management, executive managing directors, and presidential positions. We can be very proud and grateful to all of these women for being such great inspiration to the young women coming up today.

There are many great examples of women who have broken the glass ceiling, “breaking through” as it were, and paving the way to equal rights and equal opportunity in all areas of the workforce, pushing boundaries and redefining traditional norms. Comprehending that their voice matters, having the courage to speak up and knowing that what they have to say has value. Having a sense of self-worth, not afraid to take risks, and knowing they can make a difference. Understanding the importance of education and how to use it as a tool to create positive change. Knowing that hard work, determination, and persistence will help them reach their goals.

Ladies like Indira Gandhi, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Anne Frank, Kamala Harris, Christine Lagarde, Serena Williams, Mary Robinson, J.K. Rowling, Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen, to name but a few of the trailblazers, that with their strength, dedication and resilience dare to dream big and pursue their passion.

Here in our very own PFN network we have wonderful exemplary role models. Ladies in the Project Freight and Breakbulk forwarding Logistics industry, extremely knowledgeable and capable in their field of work. Amazing women! Inspiring a new generation to pursue a career in the logistics industry.

And to quote Christine Lagarde: “while we’ve come a long way on gender equality, there is still much work to be done”. However, there is every reason to be confident; it is just a matter of time, so we move forward with great expectations and joy in our hearts to celebrate the up-and-coming empowered young women of the future.

Robertha McDonald
VP Operations