Hansa Meyer Global handles 21,000 frt of project cargo.

In March 2019, the US steel manufacturer, Nucor, unveiled plans to invest $1.35 billion in the construction of a new steel plate mill in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Hansa Meyer Global was hired to transport about 21,000 freight tons of equipment for the project. 

Over a seven-month period, Hansa Meyer Global handled over 50 shipments from Europe, Mexico and Asian origins up to DAP Brandenburg, Kentucky. Nucor’s facility is located along the Ohio River, southwest of Louisville. Cargo included a number of heavy lift units, with the heaviest pieces weighing 93 tons and the largest measuring 7.76 x 6.96 x 4.18 meters.

The heavy lift units, along with the accessories, were shipped in several lots up to New Orleans, LA, from where the goods were taken over to a total of five deck barges for delivery to the mill site in Brandenburg, KY. General cargo was mainly shipped to Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and Baltimore, MD as well as other USEC ports for subsequent truck delivery to site, Hansa Meyer Global said in its statement. A video of the operations can be viewed below.

Once completed during 2022, Nucor’s mill will be capable of producing 1.2 million tons per year of steel plate products. The mill will produce cut-to-length, coiled, heat-treated, and discrete plate ranging from 60 to 160 inches wide, and in gauges from 3/16 of an inch to 14 inches.

The selected location on the Ohio River will give Nucor logistical advantages in sourcing raw materials and serving customers throughout the Midwest.