Job opportunities, PFN partners seek professionals

PFN is always tracking activities online and following our partner’s posts.
This year has started out with many of our PFN partners searching for people to join their team in various departments. A positive development that is very welcome after a year of uncertainty.

During the beginning stages of the pandemic, business-to-business logistics almost came to a standstill. The Impact was big as supply chains were seriously disrupted and new regulations rapidly introduced. Now the journey to recovery begins, some companies are looking towards new options.

The business-to-consumer market has exploded as people in lockdown turned to the internet to make their purchases. And not only did volumes grow; the profile of goods being shipped changed, with more consumers ordering even the largest purchases online. In response, logistics companies fast-tracked their growth and development strategies, quickly expanding to seven days a week and making significant investments in e-commerce, people, and assets to cope with demand. PFN has also had several partners investing in E-commerce and diversifying their expertise. It seems that our partners are doing well despite the challenging logistics market.

To go with all the changes in the market there is a raising need for new people.
The jobs variate from truck drivers to legal counsel to ocean freight business developers and many more. Follow us on LinkedIn where we re-post the job opportunities frequently:

Bellow a few of the Job opportunities that were posted in the last month:

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