Masterclass available online soon on “Project Freight Management”

Education and sharing of knowledge have always been of great importance to PFN. We have always tried to offer our members free admission to our courses at several events. Now we are entering a new year and while we are creating new opportunities we have decided to launch the online masterclass program.

We know that our member’s time is very costly, and their teams are very busy with handling projects.  That is why we are developing an online platform where your team can follow programs in smaller time blocks.
They can complete the course in their own tempo and they will receive alerts on when there are new modules waiting for completion. This way it is still effective but less time-consuming.

PFN plans to expand its offer of education programs frequently and do refresh courses in between. For PFN members this is free of charge and for your entire team.  We will also offer the education platform to external companies and individuals against a fixed fee through our PCG website.
PFN will continue to be the network that shares, connects, and educates members and the industry.

For interest in the masterclass or questions send us an e-mail at