NEW Group for Industry Professionals & Students

Press Release, 4 Jan 2021.
Project Freight Net BV, also known as PFN, announces the launch of a new networking group for individual professionals starting January 2021. The new group, named “Project Cargo Group” or PCG for short is formed especially for the individual professionals in the project cargo, logistics, and heavy lift industry.

PCG aims at individuals (not companies) that are employed, unemployed, self-employed, students, business owners, CEO’s, heavy lifters & riggers, project freight and or project forwarders, logistics educators, engineers, shippers, cargo insurance & loss control managers, project logistics manager to name just a few.

For all generations

The list of potential participants is endless within the Project Cargo & Logistics industry. The focus for PCG is to connect professionals, advise, educate, and share know-how, providing a stimulating place for Personal and Career Development.

The group will be ready to receive its first members from 04 January 2021 when the platform is launched. With the goal of encouraging students in logistics to also become a member and benefit from the education programs, PCG offers a special rate for students. Bringing students and professionals together is crucial for the future of the industry, PCG says. PCG members soon will be provided with a full “Project Freight management” Masterclass that has already been given to 800+ professionals in the project freight, breakbulk, and Heavylift industry.

Members will receive the option of joining frequent events online and several face-to-face events. But the majority of communication between members will happen on the online PCG member’s social platform. Much like other social platforms, it will provide opportunities to showcase, profile, and weigh in on relevant topics. Education and knowledge sharing are fundamental elements that PCG wants to offer to the industry. Therefore, they have decided to give the second option of following only the masterclass through their website.

Mrs. Amanda Labee the VP operations of PFN & PCG

Mrs. Amanda Labee the VP of Operations of PFN says “After this extraordinary year we felt the need to start thinking beyond the corporate need in the industry. The need to support each other has become even more important now. Companies seem to be able to keep their heads above water but unfortunately, there are people being laid off. Budgets are getting cut and work circumstances are different than before. Even individuals that have not felt the impact yet are searching for ways to keep up with their personal development with the future being so uncertain. We will provide individuals a place to come together, inform, learn, and start or further their career development. As a network, we have seen that knowledge in our market is not being shared enough with our younger generation. Together with the new generation we can heal our industry and stay strong together. We believe that our group can be a big help for all generations seeking information, education, contacts, and job opportunities.”

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