Noatum presents its Environmental Policy

As a sign of our commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment in all our business activities, at Noatum we have just officially presented our Environmental Policy. This document includes three lines of action and five commitments that will ensure that sustainability is a strategic pillar for the entire Group.

This new Environmental Policy is a clear reflection of the ESG cultural change that our company is currently undergoing. It links with our mission, vision, and values and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is a priority for us to define guiding principles, and to establish best practices that ensure sustainability in all our operations. This way of acting allows us to meet the needs and expectations of our different stakeholders, thus becoming a leading multinational group in integrated transportation and logistics services with a strong focus on respect and protection of the environment.

Axes that mark the path to Environmental responsibility

The main axes on which the new Environmental Policy will rest, and always with a focus on internationalization and standardization of our actions, are as follows:

  • Risk management and compliance with environmental legislation in all the countries where it operates, as a basic premise of the commitment acquired by Noatum with the protection and conservation of the environment.
  • Protection of the environment, materialized through actions to prevent pollution and reduce the Group’s carbon footprint, the sustainable and efficient use of resources and other measures to mitigate climate change and reduce the degradation of ecosystems.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management system implemented in the Group. Linked to an improvement in the identification, evaluation and operational control of the most significant environmental aspects for Stakeholders in order to reduce the negative effects of the Group’s activities and facilities.

This policy is a statement of intent regarding our environmental performance and is aligned with the guidelines set by the ISO 14001:2015 standard. It also takes into consideration the principles set by Noatum’s management policy, which will allow it to be applied to all the Group’s companies.

As for the particular commitments of this policy, which you can consult and download, these are:

  1. Compliance with environmental legislation, as well as other voluntary requirements and standards that are assumed as mandatory within the company, and when appropriate, also required of third companies.
  2. Management of environmental risk. By adopting a proactive approach in risk management, adopting preventive measures in the event of a threat and avoiding new damages in the event that these have already materialized.
  3. Continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System, based on the philosophy of continuous improvement, contributes in part to reducing environmental risks.
  4. Protection of the environment. Taking into account the environmental aspects affected by Noatum’s business activity and also including subcontracted activities, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact that they may cause in the environment where it operates. To this end, the prevention of pollution, the efficient use of resources and the circular economy will be assumed as fundamental principles.
  5. Actions to face climate change: Establishing a battery of actions to reduce the carbon footprint associated with Noatum’s business activity.

This commitment to the conservation and protection of the environment is only the first step to continue in the line of making sustainability an essential pillar in our strategic direction.