PFN 2022 Event & Awards

This year the PFN 2022 annual meeting took place in Antwerp, Belgium at the Crown Plaza Antwerp. It had been held prior to the AntwerpXL exhibition and conference which was held at the Expo Antwerp. The Expo is right behind the Crown Plaza and so, members were able to visit the AXL.

The PFN annual meeting whent well and although the number of members had not been what we expected, the content has been superb again. Many topics passed and there were good and deep discussions regarding the different topics. As all PFN event, this one too whas under the Chatham House Rules.

Presentations were there from shipping liners, Vessel Validation company, Shortsea liner, a Renewable Energy supplier/manufacturer, and from the new members.

Specially from the manufecturer the members were taken and the informatin shared regarding Marshalling Yard management and requirements triggered a lot of interest.

Then there were the awards which had not been awarded for a few years due to Covid-19.
The awards whent to:

  • Performance Award whent to Suardiaz Logistics in Spaiin
  • The Innovation award whent to Hansa Meyer in Germany
  • The Business Developent award whent to Globus Logistics in Israel