PFN Board of Advisors 2021-2023

After an exciting election, we are happy to announce that our 4 board members are known for our Board of Advisors.

On January 18th the PFN members voted their top 4 nominees for the board of advisors. PFN will announce their 4 board advisors this week to the PFN members and will also come with a full agenda for the first inaugural advisory board meeting this month.

Amanda Labee, VP Operations, Project freight net BV Says-: “We are very excited to start off with our inaugural kick-off meeting this upcoming month. Our Board members have let us all known to be up for the challenge and ready to service their 2 years position. Ready to get the mission and lots of work done to improve our network and increase business opportunities.”

What does it mean to be a board member?

  • 2-year position, then after 2 years there will be new elections.
  • Members of the Board of Advisors can be elected for a maximum consecutive 2 terms.
  • Virtual meetings will be held 4 times a year.
  • 1 face to face meeting with the board, either during the annual conference or an event.
  • The BoA members have a direct input on plans regarding the network and opportunities.

The first topic on the agenda will most definitely be where and when we will organize our 2021 members conference. How to go about increasing our network and business opportunities will also be part of our first meetings and part of our mission.