PFN Sweden “Keep it Cool when it Matters” – Scan Global

The recent approval and release of COVID-19 vaccines put cold chain logistics in the spotlight; an immediate demand for GDP-certified cold chain storage and transport solutions became evident.

Safe and secure distribution of vaccines needing storage temperatures as low as -70°C, temperature-controlled airline capacity, and in-country last-mile distribution in very challenging environments were suddenly in the news!

With our there decade-long experience working with the UN on the vaccine and medical distribution to the most challenging parts of the world, we took immediate action to ensure a safe distribution for the COVAX. While strengthening our organization, we engaged two brand new GDP-certified cold chain storage facilities in Amsterdam and Brussels.

The warehouses are already up and running, providing you with:

  • long-term or short-term cold storage
  • cross-docking and transit handling
  • value-add services

The first shipments have already taken off, and we are proud to be part of the global solution to end the pandemic crisis and ensure the delivery of vaccines worldwide. 

Cool-headed experts

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a supply chain struggle of unforeseen dimensions and put the pharmaceutical logistics industry under immense pressure. Planes were grounded, and a rethink of the supply chain was necessary to find the needed solutions.  

With an agile mindset and a fast response to airline capacity challenges, and last-mile distribution difficulties, our experts and teams collaborated to co-facilitate a safe, secure, and unbroken cold chain of COVID-19 vaccines. Industry compliance, risk assessment, and safe handling of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments are what we do. In all circumstances. That is how we uncomplicate your world.”

Written by : Mia Petersen Wichmann, Senior Director, Business Development, Scan Global Source: