PFN2017 Annual Meeting

This year the PFN annual meeting is in the Royal Industrial Club in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This is the second annual meeting and we are very exciting about the program that will soon be sent off to all members of Project Freight Net.
Speakers from the industry and from the shippers side are part of the program and there will off course be the one-on-one meeting opportunities which we will try to arrange and plan as we did last year. This will give everybody a chance to meet with everybody.

On the first day we will have a discussion panel as well where we will discuss the latest economic developments as well as specific topics that concerns and effects our members directly. PFN2017 is a closed conference and there will be no media present. In line with the international standards and requirements on closed meetings we will have legal representation present to monitor all group discussions and topics so that we will comply to these regulations and laws.

More details on this shall be communicated to our members individually.

We look forward seeing everybody again this year and know that it will be equally successful.