ProjectFreight.Net is a network organization that has been around for some time. Back in the days we were more of a Project Freight Directory however times have changed and we are ready for the next step in our evolution to become a full Project Freight Network Organization.

ProjectFreight.Net or PFN as we like to call is for short, is an Exclusive Project Freight Network with a focus on offering added value to our members through marketing, trade shows, Internet, and by offering IT Tools that are Industry Unique and that have been recommended and praised by multinational Corporations. PFN  is about Quality and this is what we offer as a networking organization. We are not just a network organization that is looking for members, regardless of what their quality or capabilities are. PFN is looking for the best in class companies that will together form the PFN Quality Network and which can be represented to corporations for their highly profiles and valuable projects and or project cargoes.

Our team of people are constantly looking to find opportunities for promoting you as a member and to do this we have a lead generator, called PFNLeads which is accessible for our members only.

Generating Sales Leads is something that will help you as a member to target business in your Country and or Region together with other members. When we enter a PFNLead in our system, we automatically link all the members that are working in these Regions and/or Countries and together they can start working on getting the business as a team.

ProjectFreight.Net is the network that will work for you as the member. Our people are from the Project Freight Industry as well as the shipper’s side of the business and have decades of experience and know-how that you will leverage on and gain more and better business.

Together with Educational expert company iBrabble B.V. we will offer you training programs, online and face to face to enhance the know-how of you and your staff. Educational programs that are recognized by industry organizations, EPC’s and Manufacturing corporations and which is in the application of becoming PMI (Project Management Institute) endorsed and certified.

If we have made you at least interested in becoming a member, please complete the form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with all the options.
Before you can become a member there will be a Member Qualification Process (MQP) where we screen your company on competence, financial stability and many other items that we feel are important to become a team member of PFN as well as to live up to the standard that we have set out for PFN.