Suardiaz Logistics Group Successfully Completes Project Cargo Shipment to IJmuiden, Netherlands

Suardiaz Logistics Group, the exclusive PFN member for Spain, successfully completed a project cargo shipment from Gijon, Spain to IJmuiden (Tata Steel berth), the Netherlands. The scope of the shipment included 47 pieces, weighing a total of 564.76 tons and measuring 4.972.85 m3.

The single heaviest piece of freight was 50 tons and measured 15.74 mt long x 7.37 mt wide x 7.20 mt high. All pieces were picked up from different factories in Spain and delivered successfully to Tata Steel at IJuiden port, The Netherlands.

Suardiaz Logistics Group is proud of the success of this project cargo shipment and the level of service provided to its customer. The team worked hard to ensure the shipment was completed on time and in full, and the customer was delighted with the result.

This successful completion of the project cargo shipment demonstrates Suardiaz Logistics Group’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service and reliability to its customers.