Zaninoni Spa’s Successful Multi-Modal Shipment: Delivering Excellence in Project Freight

We are extremely happy to announce the remarkable achievement of Zaninoni Spa, a valued member of the Project Freight Network (PFN), who recently accomplished a noteworthy project freight shipment. Zaninoni demonstrated their expertise and commitment to excellence by successfully transporting eight dumpers, weighing an impressive 49.3 tons each, with dimensions measuring 983x461x429 cm. This exceptional endeavor involved a multi-modal journey spanning from Italy to Cuba, utilizing road, roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro), and break bulk transportation methods. Let us delve into the details of this remarkable feat and explore the expertise that Zaninoni brought to this complex project.

A Seamless Multi-Modal Journey: Zaninoni showcased their proficiency in coordinating intricate logistics operations by orchestrating a seamless multi-modal journey for the dumpers. The transportation process encompassed various stages, including road transport, ro/ro vessel handling, and break bulk shipping. This carefully planned combination of transport modes allowed for the safe and efficient movement of the cargo, ensuring its timely delivery to the destination in Cuba.

Expertise in Road Transport: The initial phase of the shipment involved road transport, where Zaninoni’s skilled team navigated the challenging Italian terrain, overcoming logistical hurdles to transport the dumpers to the designated port.

Efficient Ro/Ro Operations: Upon reaching the port, Zaninoni successfully executed the transition to the ro/ro vessel. With their extensive knowledge of ro/ro operations and lifting, they efficiently loaded and secured the dumpers onto the vessel, ensuring their protection throughout the sea voyage. By leveraging their expertise, Zaninoni minimized the risk of damage during the handling process, maintaining the integrity of the cargo.

Breakbulk Shipping Expertise: The final leg of the journey involved breakbulk shipping, which required planning and precise execution. Zaninoni’s adept team coordinated with the relevant parties to facilitate the efficient unloading of the dumpers in Cuba. By utilizing their experience in breakbulk operations, they ensured a smooth transition from the vessel to the final destination, guaranteeing the cargo’s safe arrival.