21 Ways To Stand Out

PFN has finalized the Project Logistics Management “21 Ways To Stand Out”. It has become a manual for our members and their staff which will bring more know-how to them in terms of Project Management.

Project Management is and has always been the basics of every project and this is the same as for the Porject Logistics. This manual is bringing the basics on this discipline to staff of our members and thereby reaching over 1500 people in total.

PFN members are engaged on a journey to achieve excellence in our industries, whether it is project freight, heavy-lift operation, freight forwarding, or logistics projects. Effective Project Management is a key enabler of this process. The aim must be to provide our operational managers with simple project management processes that can be rigorously and consistently applied to produce predictable results.

In the manual, they find the different elements of project management that can be directly applied in our industry. Being the best in class in project management principles means that our members are able to tackle any project freight challenge. Being professional towards their customers and have successful project closures. This is what generates continuous business with existing customers and new ones alike.