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There are a number of Project Freight Networks around, and they all offer some sort of benefits, but very few offer an exclusive membership and very few will offer what PFN has to offer.

PFN Has been around

ProjectFreight.Net has been around for a number of years and we have been providing you of news items and other know-how topics. If you know the Project Freight Management group on LinkedIn (over 20,500 members already have) then you know us. But now its time to put all our know how and expertise in the Project Freight Industry to work for you, our members.

Sales Lead Generator

We are finalizing our IT Tool in which we will enter valuable sales leads regarding projects and heavy lift shipments. Normally this is reserved for larger companies but we have developed this tool so that you as a member can also get connected to leads in your region and share these leads with members that are located in other areas these leads are linking to.

Project Freight Management

To run a project in the proper way, a Project Freight Management tool is a must. Being a member of PFN means that you have almost exclusive access to this and can offer a unique Industry Standard tool called projeXsmart™ . This is the tool that large corporation are using and with great success. It will give your customers transparency on the progress of each step in the project, have reporting in many ways, live Gant-Charts, and the ability of reducing your email communication by at least 50%. This means real bottom-line savings for you and your customers and complete control of each and every step in the project or during the heavy lift shipments.