JobSite and Project logistics Risk Evaluation

IMG_0769Job Site work conditions and logistics are decisive factors for the Project Logistics tender preparation, and timely project’s execution.
Proper evaluation must be done and mitigating actions be identified and implemented to reduce the risk inherent in site logistics.

At a minimum, the site evaluation must include / define Site perimeters, Access

difficulties due to location of site, Ground/ Soil conditions, Permits, Right of ways, Health and Safety, and Security.

  • Evaluate carefully site access and site availability conditions. The respective customer and contractor responsibilities that have been clearly defined in the tender phase. Unrestricted access to and use of the site (access road, right of way, etc.) to be guaranteed by the Customer.
  • Right of way and any required permits to perform logistics works shall be customer’s responsibility or clearly defined if in the overall project logistics scope.
  • Take no responsibility for sub-soil risks. By exception, only if taken under the main contractors responsibility, investigate ground conditions prior to bid submission (soil investigation) as this will have an immediate impact in operations and cost when transport and or lifting operations cannot take place as planned.
  • Define and evaluated site logistics, infrastructure including fencing, utilities, etc., storage (including goods reception, release and return), security, health & safety.
  • Carefully plan and document site activities (including quality assurance and quantity control)and share through Project Freight Management online tool.
  • Explicitly exclude your company’s responsibility for any hazardous or toxic waste at site related to the transport and logistics as much as possible taking into consideration local laws.
  • Availability of electricity, cooling media, loading, etc. required for delivered equipment and logistics solutions.

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