We have taken off

PFN has taken-off !

The start of a new project freight network organization that will raise the standards in the industry. PFN is offering its members, training programs, IT tools for Project Freight Management that is unique in the industry, PFNLead is a sales lead generator and communication platform where members can post leads but where PFN will also post sales leads that are useful and can generate additional business.

Membership conferences are organized each year where you as a member can have face-2-face meetings with other members and to do business with multiple partners in a few days. This is also where each year we will celebrate the previous year and where we kickstart the new. Interesting keynote speakers from our industry, liner business and other speakers that have proven their reputation.

Join us now and start with completing the web-form. We will get in touch with you and guide you through the Member Qualification (MQ) process. Yes PFN has a MQ Process that will ensure that we get the best of the industry.

Thank you for taking time to read this and we look forward hearing from you, or if you are already a member then we do look forward to meet you face-2-face at one of our events or our 2016 annual conference.