FREJA Finland Special transport from Vaasa to Japan (Video)

During the heavy frosts, in the early winter, a special transport operated by FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy was recorded as a video from the port of Vaasa, where four planes left for sea freight to Japan. Shipping took about two hours.

FREJA’s project transport went from the port of Vaasa to Japan. Video: Esa Siltaloppi Media

FREJA project manager Tom Lunabba describes the special transport of four machines as medium-sized. Each of the four machines weighs 75 tons.
The dimensions of the planes were about 10 mx 3 mx 4 m. The sea freight will travel to Japan for about six weeks. In international transport, the Transport Company of the consignee mainly handles the onward transport of cargo from the port.

“Really heavy special transports weigh about 300 tons”

” Thanks to our comprehensive partner network, we can document anywhere in the world that the cargo has arrived in the port intact and ready to continue to its final destination” – Tom Lunabba says.