Join the Network Revolution

Joining the PFN Project Freight Industry network is a very wise decision and we are sure you have considered this or have already engaged in this.

There are many network organizations around and they all serve their purpose in some way of form, although, you have to admit that most of them are basically just a network with little more than organizing a conference once a year and being present at trade shows to seek more members. We do that too, but this is not what we believe you want from a quality network. Conferences are an important element in networking but there are many other elements that you need to have as well. How about…

  • Project Freight Management IT platform/application (projeXsmart™) (optional)
    Collaboration platform so you and other members can work on the same project and same tool on-line
  • Qualified members that have the highest standard recognized by EPC, Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, and other industries
  • Exclusivity (would you not want to be the only member/specialist in your Country and not have to compete within the network)
  • You want to relay on solid and celebrated training programs for you and your staff
  • The people that run the network with decades of industry experience on both sides of the table and truly understand what it takes.
  • Find support when arbitration is needed between peers of between member and customer
  • Find an extensive knowledge base database for members (under development)

ProjectFreight.Net will be the Network organization of the future and will Raise The Standards of networking in the Project Freight industry.

Reserve your country membership in the network, you don’t want to regret waiting too long.

PFN network is exclusive and if your Country is taken you may not ever get a chance to join.


Member+ members are in most cases Carriers in either Ocean, Air or Surface freight as well as Offshore brokers and other related to the industry expert companies.

These companies are able to become a member and will then be given the “MEMBER+”  status. This means that you become the “expert” in your companies field knowledge and supporting the members throughout the world in order to gain additional business for all.

This is a special status and PFN is new in applying this to its network. It will allow the network to have virtually in-house transport engineering, ocean, air and surface freight expertise that can be applied into the projects immediately without having to negotiate the terms and technical aspects.

Another “PLUS” is that you will as a member+ be eligible to enter into our “2nd level strategy” plans that has started in Q4 of 2016 and is fully on its way now and picking up projects.

Reasons enough to sent your request now!

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