July 22, 2016– Project Freight Net B.V. is proud to announce the addition of Rickmers Linie GmbH as a new member-plus (member+) to its Project Freight Forwarders network. Member+’s are companies that offer expertise and know-how to the network as if it were an in-house service and thereby shortening the communication lines to the “shippers”, whereas the network will add additional sales efforts.

Rickmers-Linie is a specialist in the worldwide ocean transport of breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargoes. The brand has an excellent reputation with its customers and stands for quality, reliability, innovation, technical competence and close customer relationships over many years.

With its unique line services, Rickmers-Linie connects the important economic centers around the globe. The core of the route network is the eastbound Round-the-World Pearl String Service.Rickmers-PFN

The Rickmers-Linie operates a fleet of 11 multi-purpose carriers and charters further ships as needed, in particular for the service between Europe and the Middle East/India and the westbound Round-the-World Service.

Through the Rickmers-Linie offices in 15 locations, including in Hamburg, Antwerp, Houston, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul, Rickmers-Linie close to their customers everywhere. This network of their own offices is supplemented by over 50 sales agencies that operate worldwide for the company, and now also by the members of the PFN network.

Rickmers-Linie forms a special addition to PFN network especially for their expertise in Heavy Lift and Project Cargo ocean freight services and expertise whereby we will also look at the future potential that Rickmers-Linie and PFN will have together in the 2nd level strategy of the network.

PFN is a Project Freight Forwarders network that offers its members not just all the usual network benefits but in addition adds online systems, like projeXsmart™ and PFNLead, to advance their processes and efficiency. PFN offers know-how and educational programs that are recognized by the industry and in line with ISO21500. In these times of economic turmoil and a strong decline in industrial projects it is important to be part of a network that looks out for the members and the well-being of its members. Exclusivity is another part of the strategy that the network has and whereby we like to look at the quality of a country member rather than quantity. Industrial customers and EPC organizations look for consistency and quality.