Today, Project Freight Net (PFN), the project freight forwarders network, announced that proceeding with the PFN2020 conference is not safe or achievable due to Covid-19 restrictions.
It is therefore decided to run a 100% digital event instead.

On the 23 July 2020 the “Project Freight Network” team informed all members that their annual members conference will not be cancelled but instead turned into a digital event. Many conferences and events have already been cancelled or postponed, but PFN does not think it would be beneficial for their members to cancel the annual conference entirely. “Bringing Worlds Together” has always been PFN’s motive and now more than ever they believe collaboration is needed.

Amanda Labee, Vice President Operations at PFN, says “It was supposed to be our 5th anniversary conference celebration. So instead of hosting a big commemorative event in Amsterdam as was planned, we decided not to throw away an opportunity to be creative. We are always up for a challenge! PFN has continually been a frontrunner in inventive solutions when it comes to networking and business. We did not feel that it should be any different during this pandemic. Especially now it is very important to stay connected and collaborate on new opportunities.”             

PFN says it wants to provide its members with a knowledge filled conference and they look forward to introducing this new communication platform to their members. This also creates a new opportunity to host more frequent digital events.

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