PFN India, Allcargo Logistics moves 96 meters long cargo, how?

Making a significant contribution to India’s growth agenda as the country gets back on the move despite navigating another phase of rising COVID-19 cases, are several infrastructure and development projects that will bolster manufacturing and industrial growth.

Moving complex machinery and critical equipment across the length and breadth of the country is not an easy task. It requires thorough planning, detailed documentation, several permissions – all backed by a relentless commitment to safety and timely delivery. More often than not, these projects involve multiple associates, and a knack for working collaboratively to enhance efficiencies across every stage of the factory-to-foundation is of utmost importance. That’s precisely why customers across industries rely on trusted partners like Allcargo, who have over two decades of experience and expertise in Project Logistics solutions. It is no wonder then, that when one of India’s longest cargoes of 96 meters, weighing more than 1000 MT along with several other types of equipment had to be moved from Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Hazira (Gujarat) to Paradip (Odisha), the team at Allcargo was called on to deliver innovative solutions and impeccable execution.

Multimodal cargo movement at multiple stages

“For all of us at Allcargo, moving one of India’s longest cargoes from Gujarat, all the way to Odisha is nothing short of spectacular. Our team truly stepped up its game as it coordinated movements from two origins – Mumbai and Hazira – to Paradip port in Odisha. Since this was the first time a cargo of these proportions was being received at the destination, the learning curve was steep and rife with challenges, requiring the team to be agile and flexible to adapt along the way. But living up to our values of collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity, we made it happen, with zero compromises on safety or quality”, said Rahul Rai, Business Head of Project & Engineering Division, Allcargo Logistics.

The cargo being moved comprised of a wash tower, de-ethylene, an EO reactor being transported from Hazira in Gujarat, and a reactor steam drum from Mumbai in Maharashtra. With the longest piece of equipment being 96 meters, the total weight of the cargo being moved was more than 3400 MT. From both origin points, a series of multimodal transportation milestones dotted the voyage to Paradip port in Odisha. Read the rest of the story here:

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