PFN USA: National Mask Donation Program Kicks Off With Kids Matter International

Ft. Worth, TX (April 6, 2021) —  SecurCapitalBIG LogisticsMaximediHealth Professional Resources (HPR), and Kids Matter International today announced the launch of their national mask donation program.

With millions of medical-grade masks available for immediate shipment from Dallas, the program will rapidly deploy high-quality masks to schools, local organizations, and communities in need that lack access to a consistent and secure personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chain. The program’s powerhouse team representing veterans of the finance, logistics, and healthcare distribution industries is seeking corporate donors to purchase masks on behalf of schools, local communities, and 501(c)(3) organizations in need.

“The prevalence of fraud in the PPE marketplace and inadequate supply of high-quality, medical-grade masks in our local communities inspired us to create this program,” said Steve Russell, CEO of SecurCapital.  “Our masks meet U.S. quality and regulation standards and our adjustable adult mask can be converted to fit a child, which allows us to provide medical-grade protection for individuals of all ages.”

Left to right: Noah Messenheimer (CFO, HPR “Chief Fun Officer”), Samantha Strain (CEO, HPR), Marti Conner (President of Kids Matter), Steve Russell (CEO, SecurCapital)

With ties to the Texas community through affiliate partners, Kids Matter International received the first round of medical-grade masks to support its mission of enhancing and empowering the lives of children who are growing up in poverty. Managed by  SecurCapital’s SecurFoundation with distribution through HPR and fulfillment from BIG Logistics, the program made its first donations to Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD) in Texas on February 12 and 15. Cross Timbers Middle School (CTMS), Colleyville Heritage Middle School (CHMS), and Grapevine High School (GHS) all received high-quality, medical-grade masks for their students. 

“As a mother of three, my top priority is my children’s safety,” said Samantha Strain, CEO of HPR. “Our team couldn’t be prouder to answer the call to help schools in need and it is our hope that this program will serve as a call to action for donors across the nation to join us in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19. By donating masks through our program to 501(c)(3) organizations, including schools and communities throughout the nation, donors have the opportunity to make a real difference on a local and national scale.”

The team plans to expand its mask donation program with the support of corporate donors to help communities in need throughout the U.S. For corporate donors who are interested in being part of the program, donations can be placed through SecurCap where they will receive wholesale pricing through HPR and fulfillment through BIG Logistics’ Ft. Worth Center in Texas. For more information on the mask donation program, please email