The story of super-sized cargo and a super-efficient team!

Transporting Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) like machinery, equipment, transformers, etc. for key development projects in the power, oil & gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, and various other sectors is a task best left to experts. Here’s the story of how the incredible Project Logistics team at Allcargo Logistics moved a 76 meter long super-sized cargo for L&T Hydrocarbon. 

It all began with a requirement to move nine consignments of super-ODC comprising heavy equipment like glycol field stripper, vacuum effect evaporator and MEG column, from Hazira in Gujarat to Paradip in Odisha. And the experts at Allcargo got right into action!

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Think – Plan – Act

When the task is to move super-sized equipment across the breadth of the country, a well-designed plan with thorough attention to detail is non-negotiable. 

The plan needs to take into consideration a number of factors including the route, mode of transportation, time schedule, permissions, documentation, equipment required, temporary structures like bridges that may need to be constructed and dismantled to ensure smooth movement, climate conditions and much more.

The movement of a 76 metre super-sized cargo from Hazira, Gujarat to Odisha, Paradip was planned and completed in a series of steps:

  • Loading at the factory in Hazira, Gujarat using cranes
  • Direct transportation of packages from the factory to Hazira Port
  • Transportation of some packages from the factory to a ro-ro jetty and barge movement from the jetty to the vessel at Hazira Port
  • Vessel voyage from the Hazira Port to Paradip Port, Odisha
  • Underhook receiving from the vessel at Paradip Port
  • Land transportation from the Paradip port to the refinery using shore road

Staying unstoppable in the face of challenges

Like any great success story, this one too, was not without its challenges. Right from the sudden release of dam water which made barge movement unsafe to windy weather throughout the journey and a change in operations that became necessary to prevent delays, the team braved it all.

“There are always inherent challenges involved in the process of moving ODC. In this case, challenges multiplied due to size and shape. However, our team rose to the occasion and demonstrated extraordinary commitment and proficiency to ensure safe and hassle-free multimodal movement, delivering superior customer satisfaction. Our specialised project movement service has set up a benchmark of its own leveraging incomparable expertise and commitment to excellence,” said Rahul Rai, Business Head of Project & Engineering Division at Allcargo Logistics Limited. 

With relentless perseverance, a commitment to safety, and by going out of their way to ensure delivery as per schedule, the expert professionals successfully completed the movement of one of India’s biggest ODC consignment.

Reliability in the DNA

What matters most for a specialised movement of this kind is close collaboration and complete coordination among various teams at the origin and destination.

Being India’s largest integrated logistics services provider, the team at Allcargo stepped up and proved to be a reliable, credible partner by proactively managing every stage of the factory-to-foundation movement and making sure all the stakeholders were constantly updated and informed of the progress.

Having proved its prowess and capabilities to offer safe, seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions with this remarkable feat, the team is geared to take on bigger and more challenging project movements in future.


COMPASS | Digital Magazine 2020 Allcargo Logistics Ltd. All Rights Reserved