XELLZ “Transparency is key in the Project Logistics Management”

AMANDA LABEE Assistant Vice President, XELLZ B.V. – Says: ” “It’s not thinking outside of the box, it’s realizing there is no Box” Meaning that the limitations that we feel we put on ourselves. In Business it is very important to stay open en stay focused on what is needed to reach the next level. Transparency is key. What does it mean to be Transparent in our industry? Share, connect and educate your team, customers and partners in the industry. XELLZ has been a front runner on working with full transparency and Open book Pricing in Project Logistics Management. We have the focus and control to go beyond the limits “

Transparency is what all corporations in the EPC, manufacturing, construction and other capital project companies are talking about and not without reason.In the recent past most logistics service companies have been hiding information from their customers, did not communicate sufficiently and do not show the price and rate structures for the services they provide and or arrange.

Transparency is not just about the project plans or about how freight is being transported. No, transparency is about the whole chain of events and the entire pricing and rate structure. It is also about open book policy and negotiations with subcontractors.

XELLZ® has a policy that will bring complete open communication before during and after the project. Starting with the pre planning of a logistics project where all technical and capable solutions are being shared, where all pricing and cost options are communicated, and where the negotiations with subcontractors is being done in an open system and with the customer at the negotiation table to ensure the best and optimum cost solution is being chosen. Its in our DNA.

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