Everok Group Ships 20 Trucks from Lianyungang to Abidjan

The Everok Group in China has successfully transported a consignment of 20 trucks from Lianyungang to Abidjan. This significant shipment, with a total gross weight of 171,500 kilograms and occupying 1043 cubic meters, is set to make waves in the industry.

A Closer Look at the Cargo

The cargo, consisting of 20 trucks, is being shipped on a Breakbulk vessel under the trade term FOB (Free on Board). This move showcases the Everok Group’s dedication to efficiently handling project cargo and logistics, establishing them as a reliable player in the industry.

Everok Project’s New Endeavor

This successful shipment marks a milestone for Everok Project, demonstrating their capabilities and commitment to delivering excellence in maritime logistics. The inclusion of trucks in their repertoire further expands their range of services.

Everok Project’s ability to manage such a substantial cargo with precision and efficiency highlights their expertise in handling complex logistics operations.

This accomplishment underscores the Everok Group’s position as a leading player in maritime logistics and project cargo management. Their dedication to providing top-notch services and their commitment to expanding their horizons are commendable.

The Future of Everok Group

As they continue to venture into new territories and industries, Everok Group’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence are sure to keep them at the forefront of the maritime and project cargo logistics arena.

This success story is a testament to their capabilities and dedication to providing top-notch services in the world of logistics.