SETU and DOB-Academy to host two-day offshore wind energy training programme in Ireland


April 5-6 2023

The Faculty of Engineering at SETU and the ‘Engineering the South East Cluster’ are partnering with Dutch offshore energy training provider DOB-Academy, and the PFN member in Ireland 24shore Ireland, to deliver a bespoke training programme specifically for those active in the Offshore wind sector in Ireland. The two-day course will take place on 5 & 6 April 2023, and will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the offshore wind energy industry.

The first day will cover the basics of offshore wind and its rapid developments, including the main drivers of the industry. Participants will also gain insight into the technical details and design considerations of an offshore wind farm, with practical cases included to put the knowledge into practice.

The second day will focus on power distribution and the need for a safe work environment, as well as delving into the logistics involved in the installation of a wind farm and its maintenance during operation.

The course is suitable for professionals new to the industry, as well as those working in companies and suppliers to the energy industry such as financial experts, marine contractor (technical and planning), government and other stakeholders. It is also ideal for marine service providers, port authorities and logistic service providers who are looking to gain more knowledge on port utilisation and supply chain management.

“Learning to speak a common language and understanding every aspect of this rapidly growing industry is of great importance for a fruitful and economically viable future” said DOB-Academy’s Hendrik Goos.”

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Day 1: Offshore Wind Introduction

  • Background Offshore Wind
  • Wind to Power
  • Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Electricity, Society & Policy
  • Offshore Wind in Numbers
  • Support Structure and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Design and Installation
  • Operation and Maintenance
    • Case: DIY Rotor Competition Pt. 1
    • Case: DIY Rotor Competition Pt. 2
    • Case: Installing a Miniature Offshore Wind Farm

Day 2: Power, Logistics and Ports

  • The Dutch Approach to Offshore Wind
  • Offshore Transport & Logistics
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Offshore Power Networks
  • Ports, Harbours & Facilities
  • Installation Vessel & Strategy
    • Case: Energy Yield Calculation
    • Case: Connect the Turbines


In these two one-day course participants will learn the basics of the offshore wind energy industry.

Length: One or two days
Fee: €750 excl. VAT for day 1
€1150 excl. VAT for day 2
€1500 excl. VAT for both days

Group Discount (25%): Available (limited seats)
Dates: April 5 and 6 2023
Location: SETU Waterford Campus

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Subscription open untill: March 22 2023
DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals.
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