DT Global Successfully Delivers Over-sized and Overweight Cargo to Newark, USA

DT Global, our PFN member from Singapore, recently successfully completed a challenging project cargo shipment to Newark, USA. The cargo comprised of two winches, which were oversized and overweight at 570x475x422cm and 580x485x422cm with a total weight of 52,000kg.

This shipment posed a significant challenge for DT Global, as the cargo was too big to fit into a standard container. After carefully planning the logistics, DT Global was able to secure a flatrack container to transport the cargo. This required special handling, as the cargo had to be carefully loaded and secured, as well as ensuring that the container was in compliance with the relevant regulations and safety requirements.

DT Global’s team of experienced professionals worked closely together to successfully complete the project, leading to the successful delivery of the cargo to Newark, USA.

This project was yet another successful example of the expertise and dedication of DT Global’s team in providing the best solutions for their customers. DT Global is committed to providing their fellow members also with the highest quality of service and solutions.