We are adding NMT International FZCo as our new member for the UAE

logoPFN (Project Freight Net B.V.) has announced the addition of NMT International FZCo. as their new member for the U.A.E. to its Project Freight Forwarders network.

NMT International FZCo has been established in 1973. The NMT Projects Group of Companies is a private independent Shipping and Transport Company and is a world leading specialist in providing global transportation solutions and total logistics management of project related cargoes.

With highly experienced staff including specialized brokers, engineers and nautical superintendents, NMT Projects offers total logistics management, technical support and freight forwarding expertise to ensure a cost-effective solution to accommodate specific delivery needs of our valued clients.

NMT Projects has established a worldwide presence through our strategically located offices and as such, enjoys a reputation as a global market leader for our unique approach to managing the movement of any sized cargo involved in a broad range of disciplines. The company has successfully served but is not limited to Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Marine, Materials Handling, Civil and Structural Engineering, Power Generation and Treatment Processing sectors as well as general Break Bulk.

With our extensive business channels, NMT Projects can source any type of special carrier such as heavy lift vessels, tugs, pontoons, supply vessels and semi-submersible vessels on the basis of voyage charter, part charter, time charter and bareboat charter for all cargo up to 20 000 ton per unit.

A fundamental element to our business operations is the strategic planning in overseeing all areas of pre-shipment and on-carriage delivery stages, taking into account any technical barriers and relevant statutory requirements to ensure a timely integrated. logistics solution to the destination site all the while being focused on maximizing economic efficiencies wherever possible.

Contact details:
NMT International FZCo
Contact: Capt. Vivean Verma
East Wing Building nr.3 – Office G03
Freezone – Dubai Airport Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Work Phone: +971 4 2997560
Cell Phone: +971 50 5583518
Work Email: vivian@nmtprojects.net

NMT International FZCo forms a welcome addition to the PFN network especially for their expertise in Mexico whereby we have also looked at the future potential that NMT International FZCo and PFN will have together in the 2nd level strategy of the network.