“It’s All About…Breakbulk!”

BBN broadcast “It’s All About……Breakbulk!” ! With these video broadcasts, they aim to provide more personal insights into what is going on in the breakbulk, project cargo and logistics world.

Committed to opening up the industry by Bringing Breakbulk Together and focusing on introducing you to new people, Writer and Broadcaster, Gina Panayiotou, talks to Amanda Labee, VP Operations of Project Freight Network (PFN), who shares her thoughts on how industry-unique networks are a “superpower” in disguise and how PFN brings such value to its members.

The broadcast channel titled “It’s all about…” Talks, by Breakbulk.News, will be released monthly and is hosted by Gina Panayiotou. Gina will be virtually welcoming guests, in a 15-minute talk on their role within their industry, their vision going forward, current news and much more.