Key to World-Class Fulfillment Service: A Case Study

There are a lot of different 3rd party logistics partners out there, offering a wide range of supply chain operation and management services. While the prices vary, the quality of their services differs as well. Today, we would like to share a case study with you – on how different teams in Noatum Logistics work together to provide a world-class fulfillment service.

Purchase Order Management

A full supply chain operation for a distribution, retail and/ or e-commerce business often starts with freight forwarding ex-factory to the warehouse.

Our client is replenishing every week, but our dedicated Purchase Order Management team has no trouble handling the large volume of bulk shipments consistently. They ensure the containers are delivered from the supplier to our warehouse smoothly without delay to avoid any potential inventory shortage.

Working closely with our Warehousing Operations team, the inventory is promptly proceeded to inbound and shelving. Colleagues at the warehouse also efficiently and accurately review the packing list against the actual received items to generate an updated inventory report, so our client is immediately notified if there may be any problem or not.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Service

To cater our client who has multiple fulfillment needs, i.e. both pick-by-carton operation for B2B orders and pick-by-piece for B2C, our Warehousing Operations are highly recognized to have provided very good performances over the past years.

Our client is happy with the smooth and efficient process we are offering, as our team at the Warehouse is working all year round to provide same-day order fulfillment services. On top of that, our Operations team is always investigating diligently to provide more compact and shatterproof packaging options, to minimize the shipping cost while protecting products which require special care and needs for our client.

We also listen to our client’s requests. Understanding what they wish for, we provide specifically designed packaging as they wish to showcase their branding and add a personal touch to each of their orders.

Last-Mile Delivery

Our eParcels service partners with multiple notable carriers to offer the cheapest and most efficient local and international courier method for our clients, fulfilling all their needs.

The client had once reported that a B2B order of theirs which were confirmed to be released had not been received by the retailer. Considering the situation, we have started monitoring every stage with CCTV footage and documentation as evidence, to ensure our service is always trackable to give our client and their end-consumers the best experience.

The key to world-class fulfillment service is more than what we have to offer on our own, but about what Noatum can provide as a whole and how we are listening to your feedback and responding to them promptly.